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Мои твиты

  • Чт, 13:41: RT @KremlinLana5: Неужели его готовят в президенты к 24 году? То не видно не слышно было, а теперь на всех каналах ТВ и на всех страницах С…
  • Чт, 13:44: RT @MRadclyffe: Half of #Disability benefits appeals won in tribunal court
  • Чт, 13:45: RT @ToryFibs: 17 seconds is all is takes to show the key difference between Jeremy Corbyn & Boris Johnson. And they don’t measure it in pol…
  • Чт, 13:45: RT @GrayWolfBG1: We saw how bozzo was received in the flood hit areas Here is Jeremy wishing a happy birthday to a flood victim & her resp…
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