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Мои твиты

  • Вс, 11:15: RT @Seph47667584: Gee, Russia is so authoritarian that they allow the arrested to keep their cell phones
  • Вс, 11:16: RT @ShoebridgeC: When two US UK troops were reported killed last year in an IS attack, US UK govts and media used the incident to justify t…
  • Вс, 11:17: RT @PeterStefanovi2: Here is Dominic Raab our newly appointed Foreign Secretary, who didn’t realise we were separated from France by water,…
  • Вс, 11:18: RT @AKarnau: Miks Eesti mehed ja naised panevad oma elu ohtu Malis? Sest Prantsusmaa vajab Nigeri uraani.
  • Вс, 11:19: RT @ClaraSorrenti: I've knocked on hundreds of doors in the last few months, and I can say for certain that there's a very real income disp…
  • Вс, 11:19: RT @M_Simonyan: Говорят, задержанных уже больше шестисот. Еще пара сотен - и будет типичная адлерская деревенская свадьба.
  • Вс, 11:20: RT @Russ_Warrior: #Russia, #Turkey discuss joint production of helicopters, jets – Russian Energy Minister
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