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  • Чт, 13:31: Hahahaaaaaa
  • Чт, 13:32: RT @caitoz: Nine Reasons Why You Should Support Joe Biden For President 1. It’s his turn. 2. Most Qualified Candidate Ever. 3. He’s closel…
  • Чт, 13:32: RT @EnemiesOFSerbs: Former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett: "Bosnian war is probably the most misrepresented war in moder…
  • Чт, 13:32: RT @ml_maria_: Venezuela's elected constituent assembly has removed Juan Guaidó's immunity, and approved the continuation of his trial. #H
  • Чт, 13:33: RT @MintPressNews: What makes the Libyan, Syrian and Venezuelan scenarios so similar? Why was the West so eager to viciously attack, and th…
  • Чт, 13:33: RT @globaltimesnews: The US sending military personnel to the island under any pretext violates the one-China principle and harms Sino-US r…
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