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Мои твиты

  • Чт, 23:36: RT @OvertonWin: Среди бойцов-сталинградцев не было ни одного бойца штрафника.От имени живых и погибших в бою сталинградцев,от имени их отцо…
  • Чт, 23:37: RT @cspan: Pres. Trump on using fire power at border: "I hope not. I hope there won't be that. But I will tell you this, anybody throwing s…
  • Чт, 23:37: RT @NeilClark66: On the subject of foreign funding in the #EUReferendum campaign, this seems to have been forgotten: Official pro-European…
  • Чт, 23:37: RT @Malinka1102: Do you have a problem in your country? Any problem: political, economical, racial, divided society? Just blame "Russian bo…
Tags: #algeria, #eureferendum, #fascism, #france, #whitehelmets, twitter

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